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BT Payphones cheap & free calls to Channel isles & Isle of Man

Calling Jersey,Guernsey and Isle of Man is usually quite expensive to call and very few phone companies allow inclusive calls to them , EE offers an add on for a number of minutes for around £5 per month but that’s still pricey! Most phone companies charge around 40p to 55p per minute to call numbers beginning 01481,01534 and 01624 numbers.

But there is a cheaper way and sometimes free!

BT’s Payphones that take cash charge 60p for 30 minutes to call Guernsey(01481),Jersey(01534) and Isle of Man(01624)

This is equivalent to 2p per minute and means you won’t run up a bill.

Simply insert 60p into a BT Payphone and dial, you’ll get 30 minutes of talktime, after 30 mins its 10p per every 5 minutes

BT’s cashless Payphones are actually FREE to UK landlines and UK mobiles but they also offer free calls to the Channel Islands and Isle of Man too*

The same applies to BT Street Hubs for some types of calls.

* Some mobile phone numbers in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man  are not free to call from BT cashless Payphones or from BT Street Hubs

Its odd how phone companies still charge high rates for these destinations in a world with VoIP, some VoIP service providers let you choose your area code so next door neighbours could have chosen a Guernsey number but you be charged a fortune for calling it despite being next door and vice versa with someone in Guernsey using a London 020 number.

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