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BT landline SMS not working for me help needed!

Hi everyone,

I posted something similar about BT Text service not working properly. A moderator did pick this up but we have tried different things to get it working and I'm still without the service.

Sending REGISTER to 00000 is successful but after a few minutes a get a voice text back saying SMS from BT, there has been a technical error please try again.

So BT must be receiving this text message in order trigger this voice text back.

Sending texts says message sent, but they never arrive and that's to a BT Mobile and O2 mobile.

I've also tried sending the word RESET to 00000

Firstly it's a BT Paragon 650 phone. The message centre number/send number is


The P is not the letter P but means pause. The 1470 is for people who have Permanent number withhold which I don't have on this line but the BT Paragon 650 phone is set up by default this way with this message centre number.

The next option  in the text settings Send service and option 1 is selected which had that message centre number which I displayed above, the 2nd option in Send service is a 08005875252 number usually for receiving messages which is odd but anyway these settings are default. There is no receive service option.

Caller display is active on this line.

All the calling features work fine on this line and no line fault has been found.

Is there anyone out there able to help me with this.

The moderator who picked this up had the BT Text service removed from my line and put it back on to see if it would work after that but it didn't.

What am I going wrong??

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