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BT's IT system is a random b****x generator

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13/04 email from BT:
We’re upgrading your home phone to our Digital Voice service. It’s all part of improving our phone network to handle the technology of tomorrow.
Take up offer of 2 free DV handsets

22/04 email from BT:
We're moving you on to our Digital Voice service. It should start within 48 hours of 29 Apr 2021.

28/04 email from BT:
Just a quick note to say your Digital Voice service will be up and running tomorrow (29-Apr-2021). It could start any time up to 23:59. We'll let you know when it's ready.
OK, thanks

29/04 Put DV phones in pride of place and pair them to SH2, relegate old phones to secondary rooms. Nothing happens & no update from BT. Wife moans that we don't have working phone in lounge. Well s**t happens woman.
Remember email from 22/04 about 48 hours, so give BT benefit of doubt.

30/04 Postcard from BT explaining (again) how to plug an old phone into the green slot in the back of the SH2 after peeling off the sticker.
Nothing happens & no update.

01/05 Nothing happens & no update. Now over 48 hours. But it's the Bank Holiday weekend so maybe BT are having a nice time on the beach.

04/05 Nothing has happened & no update. FFS BT - now you're invoking St Michael.

Go on BT website - see open order:
We're sorry your broadband isn't working yet.
Eh? it's been working since FTTP Ultrafast broadband was installed 2 years ago.
Great news - you're being upgraded to Digital Voice.
Yeah, but when?
We're waiting for your Broadband setup to complete before we can setup your Digital Voice service.
Then this random b****x:
Mon 10 May 2021 Parallel Phone Service. You’re currently in the process of switching from your old landline to your new Digital Home Phone service.
Not me - I didn't ask for it - you told me you were doing it, and what's this parallel stuff? and what's this May 10th stuff?

So I've raised a complaint and asked for a sack of money to placate my wife with a new handbag.

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Re: BT's IT system is a random b****x generator

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18/05 get response to complaint, order being resubmitted.

21/05 DV finally activated. Late service activation compensation agreed, no handbag though.

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