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Called by two numbers I do not recognise and charged almost £10 per call

Hello, I am asking for a friend of mine.  She was called by two numbers she does not recognise - 0906 151 3961 and 0906 151 4026 and was charged almost £10 for the calls.  My friend is definite in that no one in her house called these numbers, so therefore the calls must have been incoming, and I have searched for the numbers and come up with nothing.

Can anyone shed light on either of these numbers, and how is it possible to be charged for an incoming call?



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Re: Called by two numbers I do not recognise and charged almost £10 per call

0906 are premium rate numbers. You can't be charged for incoming calls.

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Re: Called by two numbers I do not recognise and charged almost £10 per call

Maybe someone is accessing your phone line or your account... this can occur in blocks of flats where people can physically gain access to your phone line without getting access to your property.

¿Is there any way that someone can gain access to a phone account electronically?

There is a scam where someone claims to have broken down and have no charge on their phone, and they ask you to let them use your phone ...they dial a premium number set up for the purpose, and spend as long as they can... supposedly trying to contact their spouse or someone for help.

You can be charged for incomming calls if you reverse charges - does this still happen? there a trick callers can use to make it happen?

Your friend needs to look up when these calls occured, and how long the calls were, and try to remember who was in the house at the time.

My late wife was charged a great deal of money for a premium rate call. (BT kindly relented and cancelled the charge). She phoned a call centre as it closed, and she did not ring off, and neither did the call centre she called, so she was billed from 17:00 to midnight!

¿Can BT tell you who's numbers they are?

Can we set-up phone (land) lines to prevent premium rate calls, or to warn us, or require authorisation?

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