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Can you port a phone number without losing Broadband yet?

I'm still on legacy POTS currently. with the advent of digital voice,  is it possible to port your phone number away without losing broadband yet, hopefully this should be possible now or will it still cancel my whole line.

I'm a happy SIPgate land line customer , I ended up getting a second line with them  ( much better call package prices and call features as standard) and I have a  spare port on an ATA I control not BT. I could move to BT digital voice but that would mean having to downgrade to Smart HUB and probably an all new contract to boot.

Plus it would be fab to have the number away from BT so even if we moved we still have the same landline numbers.

I don't think the broadband contract is up yet and as yet have no plans to move that.

PS I am well aware that landlineless broadband , is exactly the same price as with a basic landline.  

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