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Cannot update a fault to 'Not Fixed' on "Track Your Fault"

Using the BT "Report & track Fault" portal, it's impossible to re-open a case (Fault) when asked to confirm it as 'Fixed' / 'Not Fixed'.

My broadband issue wasn't fixed by the engineer's actions so far, but I can't report it "Not Fixed" on "Report & Track Fault" as when I fill in the contact box as requested with the 'Reason', it just takes me round in a loop to a "Continue" button, which when pressed shows a large animated circle and "Required Field" in red below.  It then returns you to the Continue screen where you were before; there are no other boxes on the page to fill in, so no visible required field is empty, and it will not take you past this point to "Fault Re-opened".

Other posters have also reported the same problem on the forum.  Previous post-er (March 2018): "I tried to update the fault to Not Fixed but despite entering a reason and pressing continue, all that happens is a spinning disc and Required field is displayed. The fault is not updated. Has anyone else had this problem please and is there a resolve. "

While I won't go as far as a user on the other thread to say BT aren't bothered about fixing it, given that this problem only occurs for people who are having other trouble with their service, and has been happening to users for at least 6 months, this adds to the frustration.

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Re: Cannot update a fault to 'Not Fixed' on "Track Your Fault"

@ricmountjoy I'm sorry about the delay getting back to you. I haven't seen any other forum users reporting this recently, have you tried clearing your cookies and cache or another browser to see if that works? Post back and let me know if you need any help getting the fault opened again.

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