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Digital Voice - SIP WAN not starting

I have a working FTTP connection with a Smart Hub 2.

Today (9 Jun 21) my Digital Voice Service was due to activate and at about 8:15 today I got this email that said "It's the moment you've been waiting for: your Digital Voice service is ready ",  however my Hub is reporting "Not configured" .

I spoke to an advisor who then did a factory reset on my hub. On looking at the hub VOIP log for the router it has the following:

11:15:08, 09 Jun. Broadband Line Id Result = Success

08:49:43, 09 Jun. Broadband Line Id Result = Success

00:54:23, 04 Jun. Broadband Line Id Result = Success
09:47:24, 02 Jun. SIP WAN UP
09:31:19, 02 Jun. SIP WAN UP
09:31:16, 02 Jun. Broadband Line Id Result = Success

This shows that today the SIP WAN is not up, despite it having being UP previously.

Do you think that this will correct itself later today?

NB My previous phone number stopped working today with PlusNet, and incoming calls now got to a BT answer service.


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