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Digital Voice Single Call Setting not limiting calls

Hi I have set my line setting to Single call yet when I’m using the phone a second phone still rings. To be more specific:

My setup is a wireless phone with Alexa paired to the SH2 and a cable from the hub to a faceplate that activates the original phone extension within the house. 1 corded phone is connected to the extension.

When using the corded phone a second incoming call will ring the wireless phone. When using the wireless phone an incoming caller will receive the Busy signal. Toggling the Single Line to Multi Calls setting allows the corded phone to ring when the wireless phone is in use, so the settings are being changed.

I’ve Reset the wireless phone and re-paired it with the hub, I’ve performed a hard factory reset on the hub but nothing has changed.

What am I missing?

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Re: Digital Voice Single Call Setting not limiting calls

do you have FTTP or FTTC?

what happens when you connect the corded phone to the socket on the back of SH2 - does it still ring?

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Re: Digital Voice Single Call Setting not limiting calls

With phone plugged directly into the hub it still rings.

I have a FTTP service 

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