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Digital Voice with Smart Hub 2 and own router

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Just thinking ahead to when we may have the opportunity of switching to digitss as l voice and how this might work.

 I’ve read that the phone service can only be used with the BT Smart Hub 2. This is a little unfortunate for those needing more advanced services such as QoS, VPN etc. I also would prefer not to have double NAT due to gamers in the house!

So my thoughts are can I continue to use my own router and modem, and perhaps wire either the Smart Hub wan or lan port into my current router and disable the Smart Hubs Wi-fi. Will this allow any phones connected to the hub (Dect) still to work or will there be issues with port forwarding etc? Has anyone tried this?

Just wondering on the best option to keep my current kit whilst taking advantage of my unlimited landline calls that you get with unlimited data on BT mobile package. 

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Re: Digital Voice with Smart Hub 2 and own router

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the SH2 need to be connected directly to internet but there is a phone socket on back of hub which can be used for normal phones   says you may not get all functions but does work

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