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Digital phones don’t have call guardian

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Bt engineer informed me that the  new digital phones for landline cannot support the call guardian facility 


why not?  Scams calls simply don’t happen in this household, no one wanting to sell shares for timber forests in the sahara, or Microsoft man, or courier money scams ever get through.


Are BT coming up with something similar, otherwise a real profit making selling point will be lost by end of 2025 when analogue ceases to exist.


call guardian is a real boon in this household surely to goodness BT can invent something similar by end 2025.  We will continue to use our analogue phones till then.  


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Re: Digital phones don’t have call guardian

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Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

If you have an existing analogue phone system which has Call Guardian, then you simply plug that into the analogue phone socket on the back of the BT Smart Hub 2, and it will work just the same as it did before.

You do not have to use the BT supplied phones which only rely on BT Call Protect, which is not very effective.


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Re: Digital phones don’t have call guardian

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simple answer is to connect your existing phones to the socket on the back of the SH2 and you will be back to 'normal'

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