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Digital voice and power failure issues

In June 2021 I signed up for HALO 2.  At the time I was under the impression that my landline connection need not be affected.
In mid August I received a standard BT email saying that my LL would be changed to digital voice and I would need to use a mobile phone to cover the mains failure situation. I rang 0800 800 150 and explained my problems. I was told that because my wife was disabled and unable to use a mobile phone my LL would be retained. I specifically asked the lady to check this. She did and said it was OK.
To my surprise my LL did change to Digital Voice. I got things working and raised a fairly detailed fault complaint with  BT. This detailed some interesting effects but I did not even get the courtesy of an acknowledgement. A second complaint asking why I had received no acknowledgement was ignored!
I arranged, through the helpline, tp speak to someone about retaining the LL. During this call I was told that there is no technical problem but it was company policy to convert everyone to digital voice.  I asked if, in the circumstances, BT would give me a battery back-up box free of charge. I was transferred to another line but after a few minutes of adverts and music the line disconnected.
I rang the helpline again and I was promised that a battery back-up box would be sent to me free of charge as soon as one is available. This was Friday 10th September.
In a way this solves my problem but I feel a bit out on a limb. I have received no official confirmation from BT and I have no idea how long I will have to wait for the box.

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Re: Digital voice and power failure issues

I assume you have FTTP broadband. My understanding is Openreach no longer supply a battery backup unit. 

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Re: Digital voice and power failure issues

Hi, @Pjay37 Welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm really sorry about the issues you've experienced when speaking to customer services recently. A free battery backup unit is available for eligible customers and I'm sorry this took so much effort to arrange, I believe they're out of stock at the moment but will be happy to look into this further if you send me over your details.

I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch. You'll get the private message by clicking on the envelope in the top right. 



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