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“Free” Alexa phone but now they’re charging £44


I helped my mum sign up to a new broadband contract which featured an Alexa phone free of charge, but two weeks after being switched on to the new broadband she has received a letter which states she will be charged £44 for the phone. She didn’t want the phone since she already has a BT phone that blocks nuisance calls, but it seemed to be part of the package offer.

Can anyone advise whether they are now charging for these, or whether the letter is an error. She gets very distressed making phone calls to call centres, so any advice or suggestions would be very welcome. 


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Re: “Free” Alexa phone but now they’re charging £44

try phoning CS 150 or 0800800150 from mobile and they should be able to sort it for your mother

I still thought you got a free phone or adapter when switching to digital voice

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