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Help with escalating a landline fault with BT

Hi there,

I need some help with how to best escalate a landline fault with BT. Last Wednesday I lost the ability to use my landline phone. I do not have broadband provided over this line.

Right now I have a dial tone. If I make an outgoing call I hear a female voice with the message "the number you have dialed has not been recognised". If I make an incoming call, from my mobile, I get a 'intermittent tone' with the message on the screen to say 'number not valid'.

I have raised two faults with BT. 

Fault one, raised on 7th Sept and was given a fault reference. On the 9th an Engineer appointment was booked for 12th, then I saw an update saying the fault was fixed and that I had informed BT that the fault was fixed. Obvisouly that was not the case. The Engineer appointment had been cancelled.

I spent an hour on Sunday on a chat to BT. I tested the master socket with different handsets etc. The issue described above was still present. A second fault was opened, since the first one had now been closed.

Fault two was rasied on 11th. On the 12th I've received a message to say that I told them the fault was fixed. I then get a text message saying they have spotted a fault in their network that's outside the home and have cancelled an engineer appointment.

10 minutes later another text to sat they've checked the network and need to send an Engineer and then ask me to book an engineer visit (not that I have ever seen an option to book an engineer visit on the site!).

Anyway, I have raised a complaint which I will follow up on, but at the moment I am more interested in escalating the fault and getting the phone service restored.

Any suggestions? Many thanks.

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