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How Cancel 1571 ??

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How do I cancel my 1571 service ?? I have moved landline and internet to PlusNet and no longer have any BT products but 1571 is still in place and I want it turned off !!

I had an online chat with the help team  a couple of days ago who told me to delete all saved messages and dial 15710 to turn the service off and it would disconnect the 1571 service  in 24 hours ...that was 2 days ago and it's still there.

I can no longer use the BT chat help function as my landline number is no longer recognised by the chat-bot so it won't put me through to an agent.

I called the help number 0330 123 4150 and that was just an automated service as well !!

How do I get 1571 turned off ?? Or speak to an actual person ??

Any suggestions appreciated ! Thanks



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Re: How Cancel 1571 ??

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Try the Plusnet User Forum.

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