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Re: I want my analogue phone line back - urgently

You can pursue it where you like, but as it is government policy to fully fibre the country I doubt you will get the response you are hoping for.

Perhaps if you had started off with a less aggressive stance rather than unrealistically demanding your  analogue phone  line back, you might have had a more receptive response to your concerns.

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Re: I want my analogue phone line back - urgently

I like everyone else on the forum are not BT employees but customers just like you.  The only BT employees are the forum mods

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Re: I want my analogue phone line back - urgently

@MarmadukeTheEighth wrote:

Apart from a couple of posts all I've received is abuse and mockery, some 'community'...   More redolent of BT's attitude in fact.  How many respondents are in fact BT employees I wonder? None. They are all BT customers just like you. 

Whether the comedians and self-appointed Yodas here like or not, this is a real and worrying issue with many people.  How many people are there?  Can you post a link to the information that you have to back up this assertion  so that those who doubt it can be persuaded to see your point.  I will pursue this elsewhere, hopefully in a more appropriate place where some generous spirits are prepared to suggest practical help instead of showering me with ageist derision. Please post back when you get the answer that you want so that it may help others who have the same concerns as you.



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Re: I want my analogue phone line back - urgently

@MarmadukeTheEighth  I assume you also complained to The Post office Telephones many years ago when they  "turned off" the manual Telephone Exchanges, fitted a dial to your phone forcing you to dial your own numbers?

I am afraid it is technology, it happens a lot. 

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Re: I want my analogue phone line back - urgently

While that was a consultation report, it changes nothing. It is covered by section 105A(4) of the Communications Act 2003, and in Ofcom guidance of the conditions that all providers must comply to provide service.

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