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Re: Interference from fans in BT data cabinet?

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Glad it’s sorted, but TBH your initial assessment didn’t really indicate a faulty hub , after all you even state in the OP that the customer service rep , ‘like yourself’ , couldn’t decide between faulty hub or master socket and I’m surprised that a replacement hub wasn’t sent out when you first contacted BT as the initial ‘fix’ , ( it’s the thing the CSR would normally do in these circumstances) unless by you bringing the master socket into the debate they decided that it would be better to send OR first .

The OR engineer assessment that it could be fans in a data cabinet was clearly ‘odd’ but it’s unclear to me if OR are responsible for ISP’s routers, and presumably OR could have simply synced your line with their own kit , which would have had no ‘hum’ thus proving no issues with the OR equipment and indicating that yours was faulty.

My own initial diagnosis and response was faulty router , that’s why I asked if you had received one or not, the power supply questions were because it wasn’t clear if the hub was OK in the master socket test port , or not.

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Re: Interference from fans in BT data cabinet?

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On the basis of what I wrote that's fair comment. For the sake of brevity I had omitted that the very first engineer tried the faceplate from his test master socket and it made no difference. Whether by accident or design (I suspect the former) he left his faceplate in situ, so from that point on it was fairly clear to me that the problem was the hub - and it still took BT 10 days to accept this and send a replacement. Their biggest problem seemed to be that a report of a faulty phone line always resulted in 'phone' engineers being assigned, whereas the initial report and anything subsequent to the first engineer visit should have made it clear that a 'data' engineer would be more appropriate.
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