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Landline fault

On the 5th Aug we lost both our Landline and broadband. This was restored on the 7th. Online fault report shows that I confirmed all was working. The faults have reoccured 4 times, a cable fault outside our house and a pavement access box installed where the new cable was pulled to. The fault occurred again 5 hours later and we now have no dialling tone and useless broadband. My contract with BT has meant a sim based mini hub has been sent out, which I am grateful for. A new fault has been found in a 450 metre run of cable 100 metres from our house and plans are being developed to locate the area the fault is in. I wonder how long this will take

Sorry if this is long winded but there is a reason for reporting/looking for advice/help in this way. I know services are stretched due to the pandemic, but so is my patience. In the last 13 days I have been in a call waiting queue on bt help 150  waiting to get through for 8 to 10 hrs. I can no longer report things on line as although the history shows the first fault has been cleared it is still showing an open fault. This pervents me from reporting again on line.

On top of all this I have a burglar alarm on the line and at various times detects changes in the phone line and when the line drops out an internal alarm sets of buzzers in the 2 key pads, which I have managed to turn off and one in the main control box which I can not turn off. At present it is going off every 10 to 15 minutes. Its location annoys us during the day but not at night time thankfully.

Desperation has made me call the alarm company to see if I can disable the third internal alarm, no,  a service visit of £120 is required, then another£120 to reconnect when all this is over.

My question is , Is it reasonable to expect BT to reimburse me for these costs for the sake of my sanity?

Bt are calling me back at 7pm tonight with a progress report on detecting where the next fault is in the 450 metres of cable.....

I'm not going to hold my breath for a quick fix. Any ideas who further to contact for help?

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Re: Landline fault

Hi @oylers,

Welcome back to the Community.

I'm sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing with your line and broadband connection. I can imagine how frustrating the whole experience must be especially with your alarm beeping throughout the day. We wouldn't be able to cover the cost of having the alarm disconnected as we are only responsible for up to the master socket. We don't cover charges or damage relating to anything a customer has chosen to connect to the line.

Going by your post the good news is that the fault has been located in a run of cable. Depending on where the cabling is it can take a bit of time to have the cable replace. Sometimes roads will need to be closed or dig work may be required.

If after the update this evening it's still unclear when the fix is going to take place can you let us know and we can take over the case?



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Re: Landline fault

many thanks for the reply Matt. I half expected the not covering the cost. Even just isolating the line would help i believe because the alarm is detecting a change in the line and causes the bleeping. I will up date you once 150 have come back to me tonight.