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Moving Home Question.

Hello, I entered into a 2yr contract for my broadband & phone earlier this year and I’m about to move house. I know I can take my services with me however the property I’m moving to is my parents and I want to take over their telephone number. Their provider is BT however they’re on a monthly contract therefore I guess this won’t be a problem however I’m not sure how easy it is to take their number?


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Re: Moving Home Question.

You won't initially be able to take their number, there's also no guarantee you can get it.
Once a home move order is raised, you'll do a working linke takeover of your parents line, that ceases their service and activates yours, the day after you can request a renumber to get the number of your choice (your parents old number), there is a £26 charge for this and no guarantee the renumber request will work.

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Re: Moving Home Question.

Thank you for the info. On searching to see if it could be requested I found various articles/posts from BT users highlighting cases whereby another provider had requested their number. In so,e cases it had been done in error however it had me thinking that if another provider is able to do this then why can’t it simply be transferred. 

Appreciate that this is something completely different and the flip side of this is the service is ceased the moment the number is taken etc.

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Re: Moving Home Question.

If ( to avoid early termination charges ) you want it to appear as though you are a home mover , taking BT at your new address avoids ETC , but anyone genuinely in that situation wouldn’t want to keep the previous occupants phone number , you are simply manipulating the system to your benefit ( nothing wrong with that )
The only way I think you could arrange what you want , would be for your parents to export their  number to a VoIP provider before you move back in  ( this will remove all service to the address  , so be aware this won’t be seamless , there will be a break in service ) you then takeover their no longer working  ‘line’ , the number allocated to you is irrelevant, it could be the number you have at your current property, or a ‘new’ number, but it won’t be your parents current number,  …once your line/broadband is up and working at your parents address, you access your parents phone number  ( now ported to the VoIP company ) via ‘your’ broadband connection, obviously there may be a charge from the VoIP provider for setting this up and charges for its ongoing use, and it may require some change to the way the phone is used ( it’s now a VoIP number ) but the ‘old’ number will be accessible.

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