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Phone Extension Socket

I want to move an existing socket which I believed to be an extension but have found things not to be as expected.  The master socket is in the lounge and the " extension" in the hall.  When I unscrewed the faceplate I found a lot more wiring than expected.  There is some old wiring as well as the extension cable and the faceplate doesn't look the same as the extensions in my last house.  The old cable has two pairs, green/brown (unconnected) and blue/orange which are connected to blue and blue/white respectively in the newer cable that runs to the master. Orange and orange/white are connected to pins 2 & 5.  In the master the blue and blue/white pair connect behind the broadband socket and the orange and orange/white pair to pins 2 & 5 on the MK2 faceplate.

Can I safely disconnect the hall socket without affecting my phone or broadband connections and was the hall the original master?

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Re: Phone Extension Socket

from your description I think the hall socket was the original master and was swapped with the longe extension so lounge socket becomes master and hall extension.  you should be able to disconnect orange and orange/white to stop hall socket working but need to keep blue and blue/white conencted to lounge as that is incoming line probably conencted to terminals A & B on backplate of lounge socket

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