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Port a virgin number to an active line

Hi all

Slightly different from the normal virgin number porting (I think)

I have an active virgin number on a virgin line

SEPERATELY I have two active landlines through openreach (one with sky, one with plusnet).


My sky contract is coming to an end and I want to take BT broadband and phone. However, I do NOT want to keep the sky number, I want to port the virgin number over.


Do I:


1/ Take broadband with BT porting the virgin number, then cancel virgin after it is done. If so what do I do with sky- cancel and then the line becomes inactive?

2/ Quote the sky number to BT then try to port the virgin number after the transfer is done

3/Something else?






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Re: Port a virgin number to an active line

End the Sky service , when the line the Sky service was on is ceased, sign  up with BT asking they port the Virgin number onto the ( now not working ex Sky ) line, ensuring that BT pick the ceased Sky line and not the  working Plusnet one, so you want a new line not a working line takeover.
Most domestic type ports between VM and ‘BT’ type lines are where the new providers network isn’t currently in use even if it exists is a dormant state, ( BT to new VM service , or VM to new BT service ) so while the Sky service is active you would struggle, and even if it recognised what you want there is still the potential for it to go wrong.

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