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Problem with giffgaff/O2 calls to a BT landline


I saw some discussions on the same topic but no suggested resolution.

I have a giffgaff mobile (network is O2) which has been unable to connect properly for calls to my landline with BT for the past few months. When I dial and get through (which doesn't always happen), I cannot hear anything and the person on the landline also hears nothing. The problem can be intermittent as sometimes I can connect, but most of the time I cannot. I have chased the issue with the mobile provider but there seems to be no issue with the signal or network, and I can connect to other landlines (not sure which provider), and to other mobiles at the time this happens, so doesn't seem to be a network issue or a problem with my mobile phone. The landline also works fine for incoming calls from landlines.

Can anyone suggest what the problem is? Is it indeed that calls from the O2 network are blocked to BT landlines (possibly when the network is busy?)?

Note this is not a new mobile number/ contract or a new BT contract/number. 



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