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Re: BT have 'lost' my landline number..

Hi Neil. I have the same issue. My grandfather passed away in August 2023 and I signed a new contract with BT under the conditions I kept my grandfathers number of 40 years. This was agreed and after lots of complaints and promises this would be sorted I still do nit have the number back and have been advised today that this is no longer possible. After chasing for the past 3 months and continuous promises this was resolved as recent as 1 week ago I'm told today that this is no longer possible. Can you please help this number is precious to us. I will also be seaking compensation
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Re: BT have 'lost' my landline number..


I have moved your post to this new thread, so you can get personal help from the community or moderators, so please watch this thread for updates.

If a number has been inactive for more than 30 days, its not possible to recover it.

There are no new physical phone lines being provided, all new BT Retail phone connections are made using BT Digital Voice, so that any old numbers that were originally connected to an exchange building, would no longer exist.

This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators.

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