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Re: Landline Number Porting

I also have issue with number porting from Virgin. It seems most of the BT agents do not have a clue what to do. At the moment virgin service is terminated and my old number is not active even though BT was unable to confirm whether they can bring my old number from virgin to BT. My brief story is I moved from virgin to BT after 4 years as found that FTTP is available to my home. On 30/09/2020 BT service was activated but virgin line also active till 26/10/2020. I spoke to BT and Virgin about porting number from Virgin to BT. Virgin told me that BT have to put request for porting the number for some reason they never requested from virgin. One of the BT operator told me that try to get the number but it was not available it was obvious as its active at the time she couldn't understand as why is not available(?). Unfortunately BT wasn't very helpful as not giving exact reason why they couldn't port the number. One of the story they told me that the virgin line was copper so they can not port them directly on to digital voice so they activated my old bt cooper line. Finally I spoke to one of the tec team last Friday 27/10/2020 , was told it could be completed today 02/11/2020. I checked this morning and nothing changed and I have 2 bt telephone (copper and digital) line but not the number I wanted which I checked this morning and found not active. My understanding is most of the BT agents need proper traing before helping customer. As I am newly joint to BT already expecting the end of my contract. 

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