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Re: Unfair engineers charge applied

Wonder if I could add my "two penn orth" to this topic as I too have had a similar experience. Apologies in advance for a long post!

On 27th April there was a short outage on my line. I rang BT faults and was given the usual "spiel" about there being a charge if the fault was localised within my property. The fault either "came good" and/or was cleared a short while after and I thought no more about it particularly as I knew there was some work going on at some Distribution poles near to my home and so assumed that the outage was something to do with this.

When I got my next bill a couple of weeks ago, I was shocked to find a charge of £129.99 had been added for that billing period. I phoned Customer Services to query this charge and was told that "the engineer" had cleared the fault remotely and reported that the fault was to do with my extension wiring. I responded that I didn't have any extension wiring, anyway, none connected to the Master socket. The lady at Customer Services could onlly reiterate what the engineer had reported and the charge would have to stand and the Complaints case was closed. I reopened the case,  this time asking for any communication to be done by e-mail. I received a reply stating that there was (unspecified) damage to the line within my property. I really cannot understand this because after termination at the Distribution Point which is some 150 metres away, the cable is underground until it enters my property via an external cavity wall and is terminated at the Master socket. 

Again apologies for the long post but I would appreciate any advice/suggestions your experts feel able to give.

Regards John F

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Re: Unfair engineers charge applied

An Engineer remotely cleared a fault on your Extension Wiring. 🤔

Must be one of those Jedi trained Engineers.
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Re: Unfair engineers charge applied

@Amunre I hope you don't mind I've started you're own thread to avoid any confusion with the OP's thread. I'm sorry to see that you're disputing the engineer charge on your recent bill. If you send over your details we'll be happy to get this looked into you'll find the 'click here to contact the mods' link in my forum profile.


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