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Re: installing a new landline

Thank you for your reply.  I have been advised by the computer engineer that the best thing would be to run a new cable into the extension side of the house with the same phone number.  He has also told me that it might cure the problems I am having with the line.  Sometimes the interference is so bad it is impossible to hold a conversation with anyone, but not always.  I am not sure if that means I would have to have two phone lines,  I would rather not as I am really not able bodied enough to cope with all those problems. 

Things got so bad because I was plagued with cold calls all day, so my daughter bought me a BT guardian phone, and I had the security package and that helped.  I still get calls, but they do not stay online.  In the original part of the house I had an extension line upstairs, one in the hall and another in the living room.  The number one guardian phone extension is plugged into the incoming point in the hall and connected to the electric socket there.  The second extension is in the bedroom extension and does not need a telephone point.  The main phone is run from the hall plug as well and is very long to the computer.  What happens now is that the telephone rings in the computer room (next to the kitchen, doors removed for wheelchair which I do not use all the time) and I get up to where the nearest guardian phone is to wait for it to ring again.  That is difficult sometimes, because 9 times out of ten it is a cold call, but that is all I can do.  In the meantime the computer is really making life hard and if it can be improved by having a new cable through to the extension it would be better, I hope.

Does that make sense?

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