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Sky lost my landline number!

I recently transferred our Broadband from BT over to Sky making sure to tell them that I wanted to retain my existing landline number ( held for over 30 years!) Everything seemed OK. Checked the line on changeover day to find that the number rang out but did not ring my home phone. I started to worry. I told the openreach engineer that I had requested to keep my existing number he said that he would look into this at the exchange. I tried the number a couple of days later and to my horror it did not work. Contacted Sky and they said that it was too late they have lost my number. I was angry/upset/distressed. I contacted BT. The first person said that I would have to speak to Sky. I tried calling BT again and was helped and was connected to a very helpful agent who contacted the relevant tech experts and they decided that Sky had not actually asked BT to cancel my services. To cut a long story short I had a fault recorded on my old line, message placed on to say it was out of service. Engineer visit booked. I received a message yesterday saying that the fault had been fixed. I unplugged my phone and replugged it into my master socket....success the old number works!


The issue I now have is that I think I now have Sky Broadband and BT Landline.  Not the best situation. 

I have told that if BT can recover my old number that I will go back ( as long as BT can match the Sky £27.99 per month). I have also told Sky that as this happened within my 14 day cooling off period that I do not expect to be held to any contract.


I just need to resolve the situation whilst retaining my old telephone number. Any help please?


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Re: Sky lost my landline number!


That is something you are going to have to take up with Sky, if you are still paying them for broadband. It does seem a bit odd, as Sky have their own equipment in the exchange, which provided both phone and broadband.

If you are moving back to BT, then you need to make sure you get both services from them. You should not have any issues keeping your number.

As this is a BT Retail customer forum, there is nothing more that can be suggested, until you have both phone and broadband from BT Retail.



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Re: Sky lost my landline number!

Dialling  17070 from a line gives a different announcement depending on who the line is with ( BT or Sky ) , Sky used to be something like ‘Hi, I’m Zoe, what can I do for you’  , BT is along the lines of  ‘ this circuit is defined as 01***, ******’  ( the phone number), this should assist in establishing who is providing the line......FWIW, I doubt you have a BT line with Sky broadband on it as Sky haven’t sold that type of connection for many years .
If you have had the number in question for 30 years , it’s almost certainly  a ‘BT’ number, and it should be possible to have it back by using BT again, but , it normally requires a temporary number for a brief period , before a renumber gets you back to the number you want, your proviso that you don’t mind rejoining if the price is the same as Sky is something you would need to discuss with BT