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Stuck telephone plug

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Does anybody have any suggestions for how to remove a telephone plug from a socket when pressing in the hook on the side doesn't release the plug?

The background is that a phone line stopped giving dial tone. To confirm that it was a problem with the line I tested it with a different phone that I had heard work that day. To rule out any problem with extensions, I plugged it into the test jack (socket) behind the faceplate.

Having confirmed the lack of dial tone I then tried to unplug the phone. Holding in the hook on the side of the plug didn't release it. Neither did a moderate amount of wiggling and pulling.

BT fixed the problem with the line without coming to the premises.

I am now left with a phone stuck to the test jack.  I would rather return the phone to its usual place and it would be good to have the extensions connected again.

This telephone had previously been used on occasion in multiple different sockets without problem.

I'd be grateful for any comments.



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Re: Stuck telephone plug

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I had a similar problem some years ago when my beloved "hoovered" too close to the wall. I used a very small screwdriver to gently push the tab towards the centre of the plug while my wife equally gently pulled the said plug. Thankfully we only wasted a couple of minutes of our lives. I replaced the cable and the 'phone worked instantly.

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Re: Stuck telephone plug

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Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply.

I got to look at this at the weekend. I had forgotten to collect my very small screwdriver, but I found I could use a small key to do the job instead.