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Taking over an existing BT line and number

I've bought out my brother's share in an inherited house. I'm now trying to transfer the phone line into my name.

My brother claims that it is all simple and that all I need to ask for is a "Working Line Takeover". But we have been told that a simple takeover is only possible if the account owner is deceased.

The moves desk have told me that because the line is in his name, transferring the account over to me  involves disconnecting the internet service and changing the number. They said this was due to "data protection" issues.

The only solution that they can offer is for me to change the direct debit to my name, but the ownership of the line remains under his name. This seems a pretty poor solution. Is there any alternative?

BTW, it's not possible to do any sort of line takeover online, even if you are an existing BT customer. You have to phone up and wait in line.


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Re: Taking over an existing BT line and number


You cannot take over an existing account. The original account holder needs to cease their account, you can then open a new account under your name, and place an order for service.

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