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Thank you to Cahal in Enniskillen

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Cahal sorted a "shock" £10-odd  charge for a domestic landline call on my latest bill (Unlimited). I queried it at the weekend and Cahal got back on Monday. The system had picked up on an old call plan and the refund shows on our account.

Just wanted to say thank you for such speedy action. It seems I could only contact Cahal by reopening the message, which would not really be appropriate.

As an afterthought, it might be good to have a pinned thread on here for praise, or maybe BT could provide a thank-you button at the end of the closure message  😉



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Re: Thank you to Cahal in Enniskillen

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Hi @Scotsmac,

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave Cahal a lovely thank you message.

You couldn't have picked a better place to post about Cahal as we are from Enniskillen. His team are off today but I'm going to speak with his Manager to let them know about your message. I know Cahal will be very happy.

I hope you have a great day.