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Time to set up new landline?

Wasn't quite sure which section to post this in as it could apply to a few but I feel like the initial concern would apply here.


I have recently moved into a new build. Unfortunately, ISPs are very limited (I believe BT and Sky are the only ones in the only ones currently in the area) and I need to get my phone line activated. On Feb 7th, I made contact with BT about activating the line before being able to place an order to get a router and online.


Since Feb 7th, I have heard nothing about an engineer date and nothing has been said or requested, apart from a weekly call from a BT advisor that "they're trying".


I appreciate the current climate that we live in, but surely it shouldn't take this long for things to get moving? I feel a bit aggrieved as I have limited choices for my ISP and it looks like I will have to go with BT for now. A decision that I am not fully happy with given this situation and has given me a negative first experience of BT as a company that gets things done within a reasonable time frame.


Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but there isn't really a complaints section.

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Re: Time to set up new landline?


If you have an outstanding order with BT, then they would be awaiting a reply from Openreach.

Have the builders installed any phone sockets in the house, or is there something like this somewhere?


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Re: Time to set up new landline?

I have a box similar but it doesn't have any Openreach branding



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Re: Time to set up new landline?

Then you have an FTTP (Fibre to the premises) installation. That unit is an ONT which delivers broadband. If you need a phone connection, then that would be carried over the fibre.

Its best to call the FTTP team about this on 0800 587 4787.

What lights are showing on  the unit?

Have BT sent you a BT Smart Hub 2 yet?

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