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Transfer calls within Digital Voice phones

I have a 3 way cordless phone system connected through their base station to the back of the smart hub and a corded phone connected to the smarthub via the adaptor.  If a call comes in and I pick it upon a cordless phone and I want someone else on another cordless phone to answer it I can just ask them to pick it up on their phone. I cant do this if I want to transfer it to the corded phone or vice versa. Does anyone know how this can be done. I've had a search but can't find anything. Is there a number combination that can do it?

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Re: Transfer calls within Digital Voice phones

I am sure there is a recent post and you could not get call transfer from phones connected to hub phone socket to DV phones.  It does say that some facilities are not available when you connect an old style phone to hub socket

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Re: Transfer calls within Digital Voice phones

IMJ that is correct. Unless anyone else know different....

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