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Using both a DV phone with Alexa and My Bt cordless Dect phone

I understand that it is possible to plug the old phone into the socket on the back of the Home Hub.  What I am less clear on is whether both phones will ring if there is a call and whether I can choose which I use for any call.  I ask because my wife's work requires  headset use at times and the DV phones do not have this option

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Re: Using both a DV phone with Alexa and My Bt cordless Dect phone

both phones will ring on incoming call and you can make outgoing call from either phone.  in addition you have 2 lines with DV and so you can received 2 incoming call at same time or you can make outgoing calls at same time or 1 in 1 out at same time.  if this is not convenient which some have not liked facility you can go to settings calling and change from multi to single so only 1 line and 1 call at a time

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