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Why must I change telephone number if I go to BT?

I am a talktalk customer with BT Sport and Sky Sports add-ons.
I tried to order BT ENTERTAINMENT BUNDLE a few days ago and reached an option YES to accept that I would take a new telephone number or NO to a new number and cancel order.

On LiveChat this morning this was explained as some kind of error and that it would be reported.

Tried again a few minutes ago and went past the option to accept new number to get to the order summary. What is still in the summary is my acceptance that I would have a new telephone number whereas I had understood [or misunderstood] that the option error would not reappear.
When I moved here 4 years ago I was told by talktalk that my then existing number could not be transferred and blamed BT who controlled the issuing of numbers.

So why must I change my telephone number if I want BT?

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Re: Why must I change telephone number if I go to BT?

Have you always been with TalkTalk at your current address?

Where you with BT Retail at your last address?

Each provider has their own number range which belongs to them. If you ported a number to TT, from another provider, then that number will revert to that provider when you leave TT.

BT do not control other number ranges, apart from their own.

Its quite possible that your TT number cannot be ported to your local BT exchange number range.

As far as I am aware, the BT Entertainment package if for BT Retail customers only, so you would be moving from TT to BT Retail.


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