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With or without landline

When I signed up for FTTP I chose the option for broadband only, I did not want a landline.

When it was installed I was given a landline number.

When I phoned the help line, I was told that I have to have a landline, it's on PAYG so there are no costs.

Separate from that issue, I am in the complaints process for an issue with my Cloud storage.

On three occasions the complaints team have tried to contact me on my landline number. I have told them there is no phone plugged in and to use my BT mobile number. Three times I have asked for my landline to be deleted and my mobile as primary contact number.

Who can I talk to to find out how to go broadband only and ditch the unused landline.

Any help, suggestions welcome 

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Re: With or without landline

Why do you need to ditch it, it doesn't cost anything unless you make any calls. It is no cheaper to have broadband without telephony capability.

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Re: With or without landline

Because BT say they tried to contact me ( dealing with a complaint) but couldn't get hold of me.

If I didn't  have the landline they would have to use my mobile number

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Re: With or without landline

To arrange what you want , ceasing broadband and a ‘free’ phone number and re install as a broadband only service may cause a break in service and potentially automatic ETC billing problems , and ( IMHO ) frankly not worth should be able to have any number you want as the primary contact number for the account , so if you want a mobile to be the primary contact number , that can be arranged , in fact AFAIK, you can do it yourself on your on line account
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Re: With or without landline

Thanks for your reply iniltous. I take you point about stopping the service and starting again.

So here I the main point. When I realised that I had been given a landline number I rang BT Helpline.

I explained that I would not be using it and so they made my BT Mobile number my primary contact number.

A week later (6th April) I found out that my access to BT Cloud was not working.  After many phone calls the 

BT Cloud issue was still not resolved so I escalated it to a complaint on 26th April.

So now I am dealing with the BT Complaints department. 

Spoke to BT Complaints on 4th May they said they had been trying to contact me.  

Between then and now I have spoken with them on several occasions.  However, there has been another two occasions when they have been trying to contact me and said they couldn't. 

As my complaint is still ongoing (still no BT Cloud) I have found out that I can monitor its progress on My BT Webb page.

There in black and white I shows that on three occasions they (BT Complaints) have tried to contact me on the landline number.

When I check my account details it does show my Mobile number as primary contact.

Point 1. BT Cloud issue still ongoing since 6th April

Point 2. Why do BT Coplaints department still try to contact me (sometimes) on my landline number.


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