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phone socket

Hi The way engineer setup my phone and broadband is as follows. The line enters the house then  through a single socket box then onto the master socket. The phone no longer works on the single socket this has always been a troublesome socket for plugging the cable in. The phone does work on the master socket.  Would I be charged to replace the single socket or is it easy to replace it myself? Cheers

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Re: phone socket

I suspect the engineer has crimped the incoming wires to the single socket to the external wires from the single socket. Technically making a through joint.

You could not just connect a socket at this point as any extension sockets need to feed from the front plate of the main socket. 

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Re: phone socket

Hi I never made it clear that this single socket (master socket at the end of the route) worked with a phone for a few years but was always  difficult to put the plug back in. When I pushed the plug in the other day I heard a crackle. I removed the faceplate and a wire became lose. You are right some wires have been crimped I suspect I need to replace the faceplate and  sort what I think is a couple of wires to their correct position. cheers

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