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3rd Party Router Recommendation to replace Smarthub



I have BT Infinity 4 FTTH (300Mb down, 30Mb up) with a Smarthub 1 (and the white wall mounted and battery backed ONT setup). The broadband itself is great, but the oddities of the Smarthub (1), while "OK" espcially in terms of wifi range, are annoying - specifically, the night-time reboot every 14 days, Apple AirPlay 1 and 2 randomly affected, the fact that it switches IPv6 on and off randomly (which kept hanging Outlook which tries to use it if is available - that particular one I could work round by changing the IPv6 from Stateless (SLAAC) to statefull (DHCPv6)), and the fact that if you are using it to assign DHCP, you cannot configure the DHCP option to dish out 3rd party DNS like Google

Anyway, I'm looking for a single box 3rd party wireless router replacement to work with the above setup (don't need IPv6 support specifically). Any recommendations? Don't mind paying a bit more to have something that works well in terms of wifi range, speed to cope with the 300Mb and features - obviously I don't need anything with a VDSL modem.

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