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A Happy Bunny at last.

A couple of months ago I was having problems. I’m on High Speed fibre and had a free speed increase a while back to 80/20. The downstream noise margin was decreasing leading to dropped connections a few times a day by the HH5. It reconnected at a higher noise margin then the cycle started again. An engineer visited and replaced the old wiring from where the line joined the house, inside and up to a new master socket. The connection was still a bit flakey so I decided to buy a new HH6. This kicked the old hub into action and it held a stable line for about 8 days until I set up a new type B Smart Hub. The new hub downloaded new firmware and held steady for about 11 days then rebooted. It’s now been up for 5 days. The noise margin is steady at about 4.7 and there’s a steady 71mbs download speed. Now I’m not holding my breath but at the moment (fingers crossed!) I’m a happy bunny. Makes a change from the negative BT reports eh?

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