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ARP issues with bt homehub 3

I have a homehub3 running Software version V100R001C01B036SP05_L_B


It has performed perfectly well for several years, but has developed a problem over the last couple of months where I lose visibility of machines on the home network.


I've tracked the problem down to the fact that after a day it so it stops propagating ARP requests, so machines on the internal network can no longer see each other.  I've confirmed this with wireshark, from several machines.


It is nothing to do with any specific machine - android, linux, some security cameras are hit at the same time.



A reboot of the router fixes it for a day or three, then it stops working.  Once the problem has occurred, only a reboot of the homehub fixes it.


With wireshark, I can see arp requests from the originating machine, but no responses. (before the problem arises I can see all arp traffic)


I can manually create arp entries for the linux, raspberrypi, and possibly the android machines which would work around the problem, but have no way to do this for the security cameras, which need to see one of the internal hosts.


There isn't anything of relevance in the event logs, and no configuration changes which might have caused this.  All of the devices are on the wireless network.


Is this a known problem, and can you suggest a solution?

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Re: ARP issues with bt homehub 3

Welcome to this user forum.


I seem to recall that the issue has been mentioned before on this forum.




Have you tried a factory reset of the home hub, insted of a normal restart?


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Re: ARP issues with bt homehub 3

I noticed that post, but it seemed to relate to a wired hub attached to the HH.


At any rate, I've taken your ad ice and factory reset & restored config.


I'll know in the next few days whether it has helped...

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