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ASUS DSL-AC68U configuration when using BT Superfast Fibre 3 Plus ?

When I got BT Superfast Fibre 3 Plus installed I also got a new Asus DSL-AC68U router.  When I am connected directly to the router using CAT5/6 cable I get extremely good speeds.  When I use Wifi this is massively reduced with intermittent dropped connections.  I am running their most recent asus firmware version  I have seen people suggest this is linked to 802.1Q not being enabled on the router.  When I try and enable 802.1Q it does not connect at all to the internet.  What are the correct values for VLAN ID and 802.1P ?  I have tried 101 in the VLAN ID and left 0 in the 802.1P field but this makes no difference.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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