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ASUS Zen WifiAC with BT Broadband / Youview

I just bought myself a ASUS Zen WifiAC.  I am excited to get strong mesh wifi around our house, and have wired Enet for backhaul.  However, I am not sure from various messages on the community whether this was a good choice.  

I have a BT Smart Hub - Type A (I believe a BTHub6) and I understand from this community that it cannot be set in modem only mode.

In the forum, I see recommendations for this modem, which is also a router - but I assume/guess it can be run in modem only mode (but nothing on the website confirms that).

I see on the forum some suggestions that this combination will not work with Youview.

Have I messed up buying the ASUS Zen WifiAC?  Is there a better option?


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