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Activation Date?

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I just moved into my new apartment last Monday and ordered BT calls/broadband the same day. On Thurday I got an email saying that my line activation date was 14th October (3 weeks from now) I have a few questions about it:


1. The wording on the activation date isnt very clear - Does it mean it can be between the start of the activation date and midnight on the activation date, or it could be any day from now up until the activation date?


2. If it is any day before the activation date, is there an average waiting time? I have just started my degree and kind of need the internet asap


3. Is there any way to get it processed faster? Its going to cause me problems if I have to wait 3 weeks to be able to use the internet at home.

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Re: Activation Date?

hi the answer is very simple your line is activated on the date advised within the activation day eg midnight to midnight there is no way it will be brought forward from that date that is the date OPENREACH have given BT RETAIL your supplier when the engineers are available to carry out your installation

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Re: Activation Date?

BT should remove this rather misleading page from their help section,402,404

There is no way to change the date given, please whatever you do don't alter your engineer visit date or you may end up like me having to wait 7 weeks from the date of original order despite the engineer having already been. Apparently Openreach have no one who can override the process once the date is given.