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Re: Activation - smart hub flashing purple ?

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'All you have done is to delay the repair, you should have waited for Openreach to fix the fault while you were with BT Retail.'

I am with BT, until 22nd August, so it is currently down to BT to rectify this. 

Openreach told us yesterday, 'we cannot do anything as it is now an administaration issue, and BT won't do anything as you are moving to another ISP (Sky). You will find that once you are activated with Sky, your issue will be resolved. Basically, someone (at BT) needs to push a button to reactivate your account, but that won't be done as you are leaving them!' 

I am posting on here because I am a current BT customer. I am paying for a service which I have not been receiving since between 2.30pm-10.30pm, Monday 6th August. 

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