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Adding Netatmo Presence Camera to BT Wholehome

I recently purchased 2 Netatmo Presence cameras for the front and back of my house, i had an electrician install both and then handled the connection to my network myself.

Upon trying to connect the front camera to my Wholehome network i found that the Netatmo set-up app would just try to connect for a prolonged period before timing out and saying it couldn't connect.  I eventually tried to connect directly to by BT Smarthub and it connected first time.

I then moved to the rear camera and had the same issues, i did eventually manage to connect it directly to my Smarthub rather than the Wholehome network but this isn't ideal as the rear camera is quite some distance from the Smarthub which is situated next to my front door.  This means i get regular disconnects.  

I have 4 Wholehome discs in my house (including one that is situated approx 2m from the rear facing camera at the back of my house) so i have excellent coverage and just want to be able to connect my Cameras to the Wholehome discs.

I contacted Netatmo who came back with the below response, i am just unsure how to carry out these instructions and was hoping someone could advise on how i would go about this.  Alternatively if anyone has experience of connecting these Cameras and has any other advice it would be appreciated.

In terms of hardware im using the BT Smarthub Type A and the white Wholehome discs (x4)

Many Thanks


Dear Customer,

First of all thank you for having contacted us.

The camera is only compatible with the WIFI 2,4Ghz (802.11b/g/n), Or the Bt Smart hub has the 802.11ac protocol.

Actually the camera Rear seems to be connected to the network, but has a weak wifi signal (-76Db).

Do you have an access point near to the rear camera ?

If yes, you will have to set it in 802.11bgn and then install the camera on it.

You can also set up a static IP to the camera which will increase their stability.

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Re: Adding Netatmo Presence Camera to BT Wholehome

I have BT Complete Wi-Fi which has a Smart Hub 2, and bought a Netatmo Outdoor Presence Camera. Having installed it, the signal kept dropping off after a few minutes and needed power turning off/on, which makes it useless. When I contacted Netatmo, they said that Netatmo camera not optimised to with BT Hub, and suggested splitting SSID, which you can't do with Smart Hub 2. This information wasn't available anywhere, the only info was that Wi-fi was required. John Lewis where I bought the camera won't take it back as they say they it was my jopb to check compatibility, and they can't provide info on what wi-fi it might work - it's down to the customer. I am now left with a camera that is no good to me and having learned an expensive lesson: don't buy any technology that has to connect to something else unless you can get it confirmed the it is compatible


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