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Amazon Echo /Home Hub 3


Just bought and installed Echo and 2x echo dots along with several smart bulbs and plugs

My problem came to light when i tried to connect to wifi with my tablet i cant do it until i switch another devices wifi off (ie my phone) then i connect no problem but the phone cant

So I am assuming the issue is that all the smart devices are being allocated addresses in the dhcp table leaving no room for roaming devices like my phone or work laptop??

How do Iget round this is there a simple way for me to assign a fixed ip to all the smart devices as well as keeping dhcp going for roaming devices like the phones etc???


hopefully that make sense


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Re: Amazon Echo /Home Hub 3

You cannot do that with any of the home hubs, but a basic 3rd party router costing about £35 will allow you to reserve IP adresses. I can confirm one working with 29 connected devices, including smart devices, some with reserved IP adresses.

The home hubs get very confused with devices and IP adresses, and sometimes allocates the same IP address to two device. The only way to clear the DHCP table, is with a factory reset of the home hub, so you may like to try that first,

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