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Amazon photo synch on Win 10 with HH6 Broadband

After resolving some technical issues away from my property BT have restored my connection to 33 mbs.   Like most people I have many wifi and ethernet connected gadgets and as I restarted everything I noticed that switching on my windows 10 desktop PC caused the  ping to increase ten fold and the speeds (using the BT Wholesale checker) to drop to around 5 mps.

On further probing I could see only one app using the network and that was the Amazon photo storage app.  Task manager showed that it was using 5 mps of my network and that it was the only app that was using the network.

Stopping this photo synch app very quicly restored my speed to the 30+ level it normally is.  As soon as it restarts the speed took a nose dive.

Has anyone had this or a similar problem?   Is there any sort of solution other than to keep stopping the app from running?

Thanks for any pointers

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