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Apple Airpoer Extreme and BT Home Hub setup

I have bought an Apple Airport Extreme and Apple Airport Express with the intention of extending my wireless network over all four floors of my house, and also using Airport to stream iTunes from my PC to other rooms.


I setup the Airport Extreme in Bridge Mode wired directly to my Home Hub 2.0 and initially everything seemed to be working well and I had a wireless network from the Airport Extreme being extended by the Airport Express to cover the whole house. I then turned off wifi on the hub.


Everything was working ok for a couple of days but then my broadband speed slowed right down (both wireless and ethernet directly from the Home Hub) and I noticed that my IP Profile had dropped.


Any ideas what might have caused this?


I read somewhere that the Extreme may have been causing problems with allocating IP addresses (could this be the problem if I was using the Extreme in bridge mode?) so I attempted to turn off DHCP on the Home Hub and let the Extreme allocate IP Addresses but I got a bit confused with this and ended up having to do a hard reset of my hub!!


Can anyone help with the settings that I need to get the Hub and Extreme to work together, or alternatively would I be better replacing the Hub completely? If so any suggestions for a simple modem that would do the job?

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Re: Apple Airpoer Extreme and BT Home Hub setup



Well what you were doing was perfectly right (switching off the HH Wireless and wiring the Airport Extreme into the Homehub). I probably would have left DHCP on (it just makes things easier for troubleshooting the Homehub if/when things go wrong). It should make no difference to the Airport Extreme.


There is no reason that the Airport Extreme would have caused your IP profile to drop other than if the Homehub was continually rebooting/being rebooted. It might be worth the forum members having a look at your stats:


Please could you post up the ADSL stats:
In a Web Browser:
Click on A-Z in the top right
ADSL Settings
Copy and paste all the information from that into this forum post.

Then please could you run a test at
Copy and paste all the information from that into this forum post.


The usual caveats apply - make sure you are plugged into the master socket (if you have extensions, then the test socket) and double check your ADSL filter is good.


Hope this helps, if only to let you know you were doing everything right. I think the AE usage->Profile drop is unrelated, but is worth pursuing on this thread.

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Re: Apple Airpoer Extreme and BT Home Hub setup




If I buy an airport extreme access point- will I be able to port forward ports 80 and 5000 as I am unable to do this on my BT Home Hub 2.0 even though the router says the rules are saved OK , when I test over the internet says the ports are closed.






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Re: Apple Airpoer Extreme and BT Home Hub setup

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