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Asus DSL-AC52U or DSL-AC55U and third party router queries

 I'm wanting to get a router that has an OpenVPN server built-in. I was initially just going to get a 2nd router and connect it to the BT HH but I'm concerned the extra wifi network will cause unnecessary headaches on already crowded frequency space around here.

So I'm now leaning towards replacing my HH6 entirely. I haven't done this before though. My main worry is will there be any decrease in VDSL speed with using a 3rd party router? Are there any other cons to be aware of? I'd particuarly like here from any users of the DSL-AC52U or DSL-AC55U for there experiences, good or bad. I'm not absolutely set on those two routers, it's just I know Asus offer OpenVPN on those products and they are within my budget.



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