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BT 1Gbps FTTP with Mesh network question

Hi, I currently have BT broadband (Its a UK ISP) and Download is approx 73 down and 14 up - approx what I pay for. I get really good coverage in the house, speeds dont differ much across the house (4 bed house, large 80 ft garden. I use the standard BT Smart Hub router/modem which is tucked away not in the centre of the house. I connect a BT WIFI disc AC2600 to this router via ethanet, and then have 3 more discs dotted about the house to create some sort of mesh system.

Smart Hub:

5GHz wi-fi band 4x4 11a/n/ac

2.5GHz wi-fi band 3x3 11b/g/n/ac

Works perfect, no complaints other than not super fast speeds.

I'm about to upgrade to FTTP (1Gbps), it comes with a Smart Hub 2, and I'm swapping out my discs for better rated ones, they're still discs provided by BT, hard to come by but I've picked them up second hand (AX6600 WiFi 6 mesh discs).

The question I have, given I most run everything off Wifi, am i best to run what I've been doing all this time, connecting the new AX6600 discs, directly to the router/modem (Smart Hub 2), turning off wifi on that SH2 and hopefully I'll get as close as I can to those 1gb speeds.

OR, given the SH2 is wifi 5, am I best, turning that into modem only, picking up a new router and then connecting the discs to that router? Is that a better option? My concern is that the SH2, isnt wifi 6, its still wifi 5 and therefore, it will bottle neck 2.5ghz and 5ghz channels regardless of me using a newer mesh discs.

thoughts welcome.

All details on smart hubs/Mesh discs are here:

Smart Hubs:

BT AX6600 specs:

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Re: BT 1Gbps FTTP with Mesh network question

2 things.

First, the Smart Hub2 doesn't have a modem only mode.

Second, if you are connecting the first disc via Ethernet and turning off the WiFi on the hub, it matters not whether it is Wifi 5 (or even 1 for that matter) as you are not using the WiFi.

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Re: BT 1Gbps FTTP with Mesh network question

Lovely! Ok, well that rules out another router for sure then as I cant be bothered to muck about with finding a modem.

So, I assume that answers it right, use the AX6600 discs, with the SH2. 

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Re: BT 1Gbps FTTP with Mesh network question

The ONT which Openreach will fit is your modem. The SmartHub 2 is just a router, connected to the ONT by ethernet so can be placed remotely from it.

If you don't have the DV phone service then you can use your own choice of router in place of the SmartHub 2. You can even use both the SH2 and your own router connected together, search for previous posts on how to do this.

Your 900Mbps service is shared between all the devices on your network so don't expect 900Mbps from all or indeed any of them. Wifi is a two way process and the spec for most devices is rarely accurate. Are all your devices wifi6 capable?

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Re: BT 1Gbps FTTP with Mesh network question

No, not all of them, Iphones, ipads etc will all run on on wifi 6.

I dont believe the BT Disc AX6600 even has a 6ghz channel.   I just think its better at delivering higher speeds on 2.5 and 5ghz channel.  Its also triband and correct me if Im wrong, but uses 6ghz for the backhaul (although I need to check that).

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