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BT Broadband Extender Flex 1000

I have recently added a pair of BT Broadband Extender Flex 1000 adapters to my home network. Been working fine for a week and now have just gone on the blink.

I have tried resetting and repairing to no avail.

I have tested the network cabling with continuity testers and replaced the adapters with the old ones they replaced. That proves the outlets and cabling is fine.

One adapter (situated at router) now just seems to go into power saving mode quickly.

The other adapter (situated at remote location) seems to indicate a data network and the Ethernet activity LED blinks but there is no throughput.

Neither will connect to the older adapter (set Public) after being reset.

Really wish these had a separate reset push pin and not just the Pair button being multifunction.

How can you tell when the device is actually reset as the pairing / reset indicator is just the Power light flashing quickly? I have held the Pair button for over 30 seconds, it usually goes flashing at around 18 seconds but it doesn't seem to work whenever I let go. Unit just stays in pair / reset (fast flash) until it times out - 2 minutes is a long time each time you want to reset.

Any advice?

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