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BT Broadband monitor

Hi,I have`nt been on the forums for a while due to various circumstances.I see a few others are experiencing that seemingly ongoing problem,ie the Broadband monitor not working properly.In my case,the monitor actually works but it is 48 hours behind schedule,for example,this morning ,the 6th,  I am getting my quota for the 4th.It has been like this for the last week at least,maybe longer,as I have been using my own monitor, a non BT one.I will probably revert to this one,but the problem is that I need to have my useage up till midnight the previous day for it to be accurate.It gives you a live reading as it happens.The BT monitor as it stands is about as much use as a parachute in a submarine.Anybody know if BT are addressing the problem? Regards Kenny

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Re: BT Broadband monitor

When it's working properly the monitor shows usage up to midnight the previous day, but it's not visible until up to about 9am. That time seems to have been pushed later and later over the last couple of months though, and it's been even worse at weekends, 2 maybe 3 days late. The forum moderators are looking into it.

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